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E. Alice Lee, PhD

Principal Investigator

Alice is a Principal Investigator in the Division of Genetics and Genomics at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School (HMS). She is also an Associate Member of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and a faculty member of the Harvard Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics (BIG) PhD Program. She runs a research program focusing on repetitive DNA, particularly transposable elements, and somatic mutations  in human diseases using cutting-edge genomic technologies, envisioning the translation of her scientific discoveries into improved healthcare outcomes. She won an NIH K01 Award for work on somatic mutations in neurodegenerative disorders, and serves on the Editorial Board of MobileDNA, a journal dedicated to transposable elements.... Read more about E. Alice Lee, PhD


Thaise Carneiro

Visiting Graduate Student (2019.3 - 2019.6)
Current: PhD student, The Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil
During her visit to the Lee lab, she analyzed RNA-seq and whole exome sequencing data from TCGA and her own collection of thyroid cancer samples to understand... Read more about Thaise Carneiro

Yue Gao

Bioinformatics Intern
She joined the Lee lab in January 2020 as a bioinformatics intern. Yue is currently a Master's degree student in Biotechnology program at Northwestern... Read more about Yue Gao
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August Yue Huang, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

August joined the lab in 2017 as a postdoctoral fellow after a two-year postdoctoral training at Matthew Warman’s lab in Boston Children’s Hospital. He received his PhD in Bioinformatics at Peking University in China. His previous work focused on identifying somatic mutations from next-generation sequencing data and understanding the characteristics of somatic mutations in disease and healthy human genomes. During his PhD... Read more about August Yue Huang, PhD


Dachan Kim

Visiting Graduate Student (2019.1 - 2019.3)
Current: MD student in Yonsei University College of Medicine, South Korea
During his time in the Lee lab, he worked on in-silico decomposition of different cell types using bulk and single-cell RNA-seq data from multiple... Read more about Dachan Kim

Junho Kim, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Junho joined the lab in April, 2017. He received his Ph.D. in bioinformatics from KAIST in 2014 and did two years of postdoctoral training at Yonsei university college of medicine in South Korea. He has developed computational methods  that detect low frequency somatic mutations (methods... Read more about Junho Kim, PhD


Jenny Lai

MD-PhD Student, Program in Neuroscience (PiN)
Jenny is an MD-PhD student in the Harvard/MIT MD-PhD Program. For her PhD, she is co-advised by Timothy Yu, MD,PhD as part of the PhD Program in Neuroscience.... Read more about Jenny Lai

Boram Lee, MD

Visiting Graduate Student
Current: PhD student, Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences & Technology, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea

Eduardo Maury

MD-PhD Student, Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics (BIG)
Eduardo is an MD-PhD student in the Harvard-MIT MD-PhD Program who is co-mentored with Christopher A. Walsh, MD, PhD since 2018 for his PhD training. He... Read more about Eduardo Maury
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Kyu Park

Junior Bioinformatician (2017.05 -2018.05)
Current: Support Specialist, SOPHiA GENETICS
Kyu joined the lab as a Junior Bioinformatician in 2017 after studying computer science at Wentworth Institute of Technology. He revised, optimized,... Read more about Kyu Park

Yilan (Elain) Wang

PhD student, Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS)
Elain is a PhD student in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program at Harvard University. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Northwestern... Read more about Yilan (Elain) Wang

Boxun Zhao, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Boxun joined the lab in August 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow. He obtained his PhD in Genetics in 2017 from Peking Union Medical College and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. During his doctoral research in Liping Wei’s laboratory at the National Institute of Biological Sciences (NIBS) and Peking University, he studied somatic transposable element (TE) insertions in the human brain and neurological disorders. He developed a novel... Read more about Boxun Zhao, PhD