Paper on clonal oncogenic mutations in healthy human brains was accepted by Cancer Discovery

August 4, 2021
Eduardo’s paper with Javier Ganz in the Walsh lab was accepted in principle by Cancer Discovery. It reports that clonal oncogenic somatic single-nucleotide and copy number variants with pathogenic potential and high-allele frequency are present in the non-diseased human brain and show patterns resembling those found in brain tumors. Congrats, Eduardo!

Farewell to Junho, who has left to start his own laboratory!

July 15, 2021
Junho, our beloved first postdoctoral fellow has left to open his own laboratory at Sungkyunkwan Univerisy in South Korea. Congratulations, Junho! We had a lot of fun calling him "Kim kyo-soo-nim" (meaning "Professor Kim"). :)

Fatima joins the lab as a PhD student

February 1, 2021
We are excited to have a new lab member, Fatima! She is the first year PhD student of the Havard-MIT HST program and decided to join the lab after doing her rotation last fall. Welcome, Fatima!